RAP is a rank aggregation-based data fusion approach for gene prioritization in plants. It can be used to perform the gene prioritization in Arabidopsis thaliana and 28 non-plant species. The input of RAP are a set of genes of interest and the network-based gene prioritization results from AraNet v2 system, while the output are the ranks of candidate genes. RAP has been successfully applied to prioritize flowering-time genes in Arabidopsis. The genome-wide experimental results indicate that RAP can be used as a complement to the network-based gene prioritization algorithm (e.g., AraNet v2) for accurately prioritizing candidate genes underlying biological processes or agricultural traits.

Zhai, J., Tang, Y., Yuan, H., Wang, L., Shang, H., Ma, C. (2016). A Meta-Analysis Based Method for Prioritizing Candidate Genes Involved in a Pre-specific Function Frontiers in Plant Science 7(), 1914. https://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2016.01914

Chuang Ma
Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

My research interests include artificial intelligence, abiotic stress and plant breeding.